The brutal truth.

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Hey guys,

So today I’ve stumbled onto this amazing piece someone wrote. I have no idea who this person is, there was no name to it, but it woke something within me. Through the course of my modeling career I’ve crossed paths with some amazingly beautiful young ladies with the most gorgeous hearts, but I have also dealt with ladies that I personally think are not even humans but are just as beautiful on the outside. Today I want to share this with you, as someone who completely believes that in order to really be beautiful, you need to have that same beauty from the inside. Stay humble and be kind 😉

Here we go,

The brutal truth is that none of us are or will ever be as beautiful or flawless as those girls we envy in the magazines. We tell each other we are just as beautiful and perfect as them, we are not.

The thing that confuses me is why do we have to be? Why is it that the curves of your body, quality of your skin and length of your hair, the things that define you? The most important thing is not outward beauty. It’s the beauty that comes from inside of you.

When this world burns to ash, our bodies grow old and disappear into the earth, the only thing we will have left is our souls. It is what you made of your personality and talents, and how you treated other people that will matter most. Stop striving to be society’s definition of perfect, and start to create your own image of perfect. Because a nice body will wrinkle, and a pretty face will fade, but a good women, will always be a good women.

This is it for me today, I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Let this make you realize how important it is to be good and beautiful from within rather than what’s on the outside 😉

Lots of love!

Nik <3

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