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Jan 262017

Good luck with your day..*


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Jan 252017

Hey you!

So I finally realized that I should really really pay more attention to my website..

Truth is, I’m actually not good at using wordpress until I downloaded the app and well.. Here I am, finally getting a grasp around it! Yay! 👊🏻

I also realized that my website doesn’t look good at all.. Shame on me yeah.. 😳 BUT that’s why I’m posting this..

For the next few weeks I will be doing a clean up to get rid of work I’ve done almost 5 years ago and keep you guys ENTERTAINED with the new stuff! I have big plans for us this year BUT in the mean time.. Head over to my Istagram page to keep updated on my happenings..
I’ll keep posting, see you tomorrow! 

Oh and sweet dreams!

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Sexpo South Africa

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Jun 052016

Hey guys,

Been a while I know..

Just a quick update on everything, for those who don’t know yet I have been chosen as Miss Nude 2016 for the elite and well known yearly event Sexpo held in Johannesburg from 26 – 30 October 216.  Check out their Facebook Page for more info and competitions –

To buy your tickets go to –

Hope to see you there this year! Pop in and take your picture with me 😉




Steve Castings


She’s Unique

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Jul 302015

♥She looked in the mirror,
what did she see?
A woman that’s happy,
peaceful and free.

For the first time in her life,
she felt in total control.
Knew she could reach,
any passionate goal.

She did not forget,
the path that she took.
With ups and downs,
like any good book.

She nodded and smiled,
as she found her own light.
Her eyes were wide open,
with acknowledging delight.

Those around her,
repeatedly asked how.
Her answer was simply,
about acting right now.

She wasn’t competing,
but was rather unique.
Adventures in life,
she’d continue to seek.♥ 

By –


Photography by – Edmund B. Papp

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The brutal truth.

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Jul 282015

Hey guys,

So today I’ve stumbled onto this amazing piece someone wrote. I have no idea who this person is, there was no name to it, but it woke something within me. Through the course of my modeling career I’ve crossed paths with some amazingly beautiful young ladies with the most gorgeous hearts, but I have also dealt with ladies that I personally think are not even humans but are just as beautiful on the outside. Today I want to share this with you, as someone who completely believes that in order to really be beautiful, you need to have that same beauty from the inside. Stay humble and be kind 😉

Here we go,

The brutal truth is that none of us are or will ever be as beautiful or flawless as those girls we envy in the magazines. We tell each other we are just as beautiful and perfect as them, we are not.

The thing that confuses me is why do we have to be? Why is it that the curves of your body, quality of your skin and length of your hair, the things that define you? The most important thing is not outward beauty. It’s the beauty that comes from inside of you.

When this world burns to ash, our bodies grow old and disappear into the earth, the only thing we will have left is our souls. It is what you made of your personality and talents, and how you treated other people that will matter most. Stop striving to be society’s definition of perfect, and start to create your own image of perfect. Because a nice body will wrinkle, and a pretty face will fade, but a good women, will always be a good women.

This is it for me today, I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Let this make you realize how important it is to be good and beautiful from within rather than what’s on the outside 😉

Lots of love!

Nik <3

Video B&W

Monday Motivation

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Jul 272015

Hey, I know it’s Monday,

but it’s also a new day,

a new week and in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen..

-Michael Ealy

Click on this link to vote for me and make me your new PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR 2015

#MissApril2014 #itsmybirthdaymonth 😉

Have a wonderful #Monday everyone!



Playmate of the Year 2015 Voting

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Jul 262015

Voting for Playmate of the Year 2015 Playboy South Africa is ON!

Learn more about my Playboy SA Playmate #MissApril2014 pictorial and PLEASE VOTE to make me your next Playmate of the Year!

Visit –

You are required to register with Playboy SA, once you registered you can vote for your favorite Playmate every 12 hours 😉

Thank you for all your support, always!


Nikki Xo’s





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Update :)

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Feb 112015

Hello everyone!

I hope your year so far has been great! Can you believe it’s Feb already? You know what they say.. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I have some great news to share with you all in the next few weeks.. I can’t wait to spill the beans!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I hope you will spoil your loved ones to the max! Although I believe Valentine’s day should be everyday 😉

So this is just a quick hi from me to you, wishing you all a wonderful and blessed day!

P.S HAPPY HUMPDAY sweethearts!

With all my love,

Nikki x0x

Black Tape Project Joel Alvarez

Black Tape Project
Joel Alvarez


Spice Up The Holidays

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Dec 042014

Get your Nikki du Plessis holiday ornament now.  Add some class to your decorations.  On sale now for $9.99



Got a Nikki fan and looking to get them a nice gift for the holidays?  Check out our line of Sea Siren merchandise.  Shirts, hat, mugs, and more.

seasirentshirtHave a safe and happy holiday season everyone!


Long Awaited Update : My USA trip

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Oct 102014

Unbelievably awesome experience so far!  The first section of my trip was in Key West, FL where I attended my own premiere of The Sea Siren!10647182_723864531028907_7105463793568637965_n








Next up was JAMAICA….YA MON!  The #Paradisechallenge held in Negril at the Hedonism II resort!  Had an absolute blast there and was fortunate enough to receive the prize for the #Blacktapeproject inspiration of the year award  as well as 1st runner up for #kandymagazine’s hot body contest!


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